Aisu e Juice by Zap 50ml Shortfill e Liquid 70/30 0mg 3mg

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Aisu Range by Zap! 
With authenticity and clarity of flavour, recreates that classic Japanese experience, with fresh fruits and cooling ice bringing you a step closer to the Orient!

Flavours List:
Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera e-liquid is a combination of sweet and sour notes with an icy finish. The aloe vera has an authentic floral taste that has been sweetened to the point it borders on tart. The cool exhale provided by the menthol compliments the aloe for a smooth finish.

Cactus - Cactus by Aisu is an unusual blend featuring a floral yet sweet taste. A light yet crisp cactus flavour is present from inhale, combined with a cooling ice on exhale for a distinct eliquid

Cucumber - Cucumber e-liquid has a mellow taste throughout, the cucumber flavour has crisp notes with a floral profile that remains sweet, when paired with menthol you’ll experience a fresh aftertaste on exhale.

Blackcurrant - Blackcurrant e- liquid has a forest fruit flavour with a chilly finish. The blackcurrant flavour is both sweet and slightly sour, like the real thing. The menthol flavour has a sweet undertone to it and gives this e-juice a smooth exhale.

Green Apple - Green Apple e-liquid has a strong fruit flavour as soon you open the bottle, that’s replicated in it’s taste. The apple flavour has sweet and sour notes that play well with the menthol exhale that adds a crisp finish.

Mango - Mango e-liquid is a fusion of tropical and cool flavours, the sweet mango flavour has a ripe aftertaste from your first vape. By combining the fruit with menthol you’ll experience a sweet yet cool finish.

Melon - Melon e-liquid has bright and sweet taste notes. There’s a bold melon flavour from you first vape - that’s sweet with a sour edge to it. The menthol creates a cooling exhale that adds balance to the fruity inhale.

Dragon Fruit - Dragon Fruit e-liquid has sweet and vibrant taste notes throughout. The Dragon Fruit flavour is sweet on inhale with a slightly sour aftertaste. On exhale there's a cooling menthol creating an icy finish.

Blue Raspberry - Blue Raspberry has an intensely sweet taste from your very first vape. The blue raspberry flavour has a sugary inhale with a juicy aftertaste, when combined with menthol you get a cool blend that tastes similar to a blue slush drink.

Pink Guava - Pink Guava e-liquid is a delicate fruit infused with ice. The pink guava flavour has a predominantly sweet taste that borders on tart. The addition of a menthol exhale gives this e-juice a smooth texture.

The Aisu e Juice by Zap 50ml Shortfill e Liquid 70/30 0mg 3mg is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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