Tngo Ice Blast

Tngo Ice Blast 100ml E-Liquid VG/PG 70/30 All Flavours E-Cigarette Vape Juice

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Tngo Ice Blast 100ml E-Liquid VG/PG 70/30 All Flavours E-Cigarette Vape Juice

TNGO ICE BLAST is considered one of the best vape juice line that is available in the UK. The cast consists of vast vape liquid flavours to suit your mood for every occasion. A combination of favourite fruity flavours has made this innovative e-liquid manufacturer very popular with vapers of all types.

  • LEMON FIZZ- Tngo lemon fizz ice blast vape juice will deliver a blast of lemon as the name suggests. Lemon fizz e-liquid relaxes and swings your day with a fresh attitude. Inhale and take a ride into the wild side. the cool fresh lemon breeze will lead you to exhale. Freshen up and brighten your day with a fizz of lemon.
  • BLUE RASPBERRY & CHERRY- High with Tngo blue raspberry and cherry vape juice and keep on swinging. This e-liquid flavourful wonder is to bring you to a new level of excitement. Blue raspberry will entice you right away on inhale that lasts as long as like. On exhale, you will find sweet cherry accommodating and soothing. Take a break with blue raspberry and cherry as often as you want.
  • COLA- Tngo cola ice blast vape juice fills your day with unexpected joy and laughter. Blast off with this e-liquid into the stratosphere and stay up throughout the day. You will taste a sweet soft cola on an inhale that is familiar yet new. Land safely into your comfort zone on exhale immediately. Add a lot of fun into your daily routine with a cola blast.
  • CHERRY- Tngo cherry ice blast vape juice covers your craving for cherry and then some. Jump into a bowl of cherries with this e-liquid and invigorate your day. Fresh cherry flavour relaxes you on inhale. A white cloud of sweet cherry will surround you as you exhale. Red means go with Tngo cherry.
  • PASSIONFRUIT- Dive headfirst with Tngo passionfruit ice blast vape juice and let the sweet aroma wrap your senses. This e-liquid will grab and carry you ever so gently. Passion fruit is very much evident from the get-go on the first inhale. Then on the exhale taste the sweetness on tip of your tongue. Come test the heat and see if you can take it.
  • BLUE RASPBERRY- Tngo blue raspberry ice blast vape juice will put a spell on you. This magical e-liquid reaches deep inside and satisfies with intensity. Enjoy a blast that was created in the past with an inhale of 50s blue raspberry. Exhale and smell the sweet raspberry in a dreamy cloud. Lift your day up with a blast that feels right.
  • BLOOD ORANGE- Colour your day bright with Tngo blood orange ice blast vape juice and liven up your evening to the max. Tngo blood orange ice blast e-liquid will make the difference that you are looking for in your day. Feel the fresh blood orange tangy taste roll in your mouth when you inhale. Then dive through a thick cloud of vapour on exhale. Live your days to the fullest.
  • TROPICAL- Take a walk on the beach with Tango tropical vape juice blast and relax with a smile that will be contagious. This hot e-liquid will awaken a sunny feeling that will not want to go back to sleep. Tropical ice blast will feel warm and sweet in your mouth with inhaling. Fly through the clouds gathered high above the sea on your exhale. Take a vacation while at work, it allowed.
  • MANGO- Tngo mango ice blast vape juice is an aromatic blast that definitely leaves an impression. The sharp mango effect in this e-liquid is not for the faint of heart. Ride this beautiful wave and taste the real mango all the way on your inhale. Watch and embrace the huge cloud on exhale with a sense of adventure. The beach is sunny and the waves are high every day with a Mango ice blast.
  • SOUR WATERMELON- Lighten the load with Tngo sour watermelon ice blast e-liquid and rest with the best. Tngo watermelon ice blast vape juice is a light delightful experience that ness goes through as you exhale. Kick back and relax you deserve it.
  • STRAWBERRY KIWI- Tngo will energize with every single puff. On inhale immediately a cool sweet-sour watermelon fills your mouth that like a candy keeps on giving. A breeze with a hint of sweet strawberry kiwi ice blast e-liquid brings you to a wholesome fresh fruity experience. A juicy mix of sweet strawberry and tart kiwi will take over your taste buds with a cool sensation. Inhale and experience a light touch of strawberry with a hint of kiwi. Feel the cool and sweet mixture of the flavour roll of your tongue with each exhale. Kiss your days with love.
What's in the box:
  • 1x 100ml Tngo Ice Blast E-Liquid
Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Tngo Ice Blast 100ml E-Liquid VG/PG 70/30 All Flavours E-Cigarette Vape Juice is for you.

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