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Demon Killer

Demon killer 48 Pre built Ready Made Wire Coils RTA RDA RBA Sub Ohm

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Demon Killer 48 Prebuilt Premade Coils 8 in 1 

Wire Specifications:
1. Clapton wire : 24*30awg, 24*32awg, 26*30awg, 26*32awg
2. Tiger wire: 26awg* (0.2*0.8 flat wire)
3. Alien wire:  (0.3*0.8 flat wire) *32awg
4. Fused clapton wire: (2*28awg)* 32awg
5. Hive wire: (2*30awg)* (2*30awg)
6. Flat twisted wire: (0.2*0.8 flat wire)* (0.2*0.8 flat wire)
7. Mix twisted wire: 26awg* (0.2*0.8 flat wire)
8. Quad wire: 28awg*4

Package Contents:

  • 6X .50 ohm Hive Coil
  • 6X .45 ohm Mix Twisted Coil
  • 6X .36 ohm Quad Coil
  • 6X .85 ohm Clapton Coil
  • 6X .45 ohm Fused Clapton Coil
  • 6X .36 ohm Flat Twisted Coil
  • 6X .36 ohm Tiger
  • 6X .45 ohm Alien Clapton Coil

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